ABOUT US "Your Concept"

A recent study showed, that of all the restaurants that failed in that year, 93% were independent operators. In spite of all the talk about supporting small business, evidence suggests the big guys are crushing the little guys more now than ever before. Why is this? Let's take a look...

FOUNDER "Your Facility"

Years ago, independent restaurants had no systems, but made better quality food and offered a warmer style of service. Today, corporate brands have evolved in a very significant way. Not only have their systems improved, but their food keeps getting better. Have you noticed? 

SERVICES "Your Clientele"

At PSI, we don't just make menus. Our menus are the result of an extensive measuring and detailed analysis. Our menus tightly connect your concept, your facility and your clientele. Our menus drive revenue and minimize risk. Our menus will position you for unlimited success in the world of food and drink!

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