At PSI, we don't just make menus. Our menus are the result of an extensive measuring and detailed analysis. Our menus tightly connect your concept, your facility and your clientele. Our menus drive revenue and minimize risk. Our menus will position you for unlimited success in the world of food and drink!


Word About Menus

Can anyone make a menu? This is the ultimate question! If we’re asking can anyone make a list of popular items, with prices, and sell it to the public? The unfortunate answer is yes! This is also one of the reasons why 85% of all restaurants fail in the first year. On the other hand, if we’re asking can anyone professionally create and construct a menu that defines the concept, drives revenue and controls costs? The answer is absolutely not! It takes years of experience, deep knowledge and careful analysis. Many chefs are self-indulgent. They aim to impress everyone with their creativity, to advance their careers. Sometimes, in the end, they do more harm than good. All told, it comes down to what's best for the restaurant. If you haven't been there, you wouldn't know. Every minute of every hour, somebody opens a restaurant. Typically, when flush with capital and armed with a vision, ownership and management have all the answers. So far, in their mind, they did everything right... and who are we to tell them what to do? It’s not until a year later, they realize they have no idea what they're doing... and at that point, they admit to it openly. We see it all the time. Many clients contact us after everything has fallen apart and expect us to put it back together again. Sometimes we can... but sadly, many times it’s too late. The key to success is to start off on the right foot, with a great menu and strong systems in place! PSI has taken the guesswork out of restaurant operations. We have pieced together and packaged the perfect formula, designed specifically for your restaurant! So... Do you still think you should make your own menu? Why don't you let us do it for you? It would be our pleasure!

Primary Restaurant Services

  • Concept & Menu Development
  • Systemized Standards & Policies
  • Struggling Restaurant Turnarounds
  • Seasonal Menu Change & Updates
  • Cost Controls To Maximize Profit

Restaurant Menu/Concepts

  • Popular American Food & Drink
  • Quality Quick Serve Restaurants
  • Modern New American Cuisine
  • Music Venue/Sports Bar Snacks
  • Great Sandwich/Burger Menus
  • Popular Family Style Italian Food
  • Eclectic Mediterranean Cooking
  • Coffee House Sweet/Savory Bites
  • Traditional/Modern British Pub
  • Small Plate Style Tasting Menus
  • Seafood Shack Menus/Cooking
  • Retro Style Diner/Luncheonette
  • Hotel/Private Club Outlet Menus
  • Spanish/Italian/Asian Tapas Bar
  • Tex Mex Fresh Action Cooking
  • Cocktail Party Style Finger Foods
  • Fresh Made Restaurant Desserts
  • Classic/Modern NY Steakhouse
  • Traditional Casual French Bistro
  • Modern Creative Italian Cooking
  • Real Smoked Roadside Barbecue
  • Fresh European/American Baking
  • Vibrant Southeast Asian Cooking

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